“Add-Ons” are additional options within the Museum Experience that cost more money honey. Anywhere from $15 to negative $15. “Add-Ons” are always changing. You’ll see them posted at the entrance or you can call us in the office at 480.968.2895 to see what’s up.

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Here are examples of “Add-Ons” everything takes 5 minutes.

  1. Scribble portraits

  2. Charcoal and water portraits.

  3. 3D polaroids.

  4. Chocolate tasting.

  5. Henna tattoos.

  6. Painful ink.

  7. Ask the owner.

  8. Talk to Void.

  9. Learn a magic trick.

  10. Confessional.

  11. Marina Abramovic Copy.

  12. Relationship therapy.

  13. Prophet.