Lots of people ask us about parties in the Pit at the Lavatory but if you haven’t been your expectation might be something from your childhood like Chuck E. Cheese. Pizza, decorations and a ball pit. That’s not us. At all. I did some checking and found out that they stopped the ball pits. The manager at a store in Phoenix told me, “The were unsanitary. They kept finding dirty diapers. That was the most common thing.”


So here’s a suggestion for your party. 

First: Watch our 30 second video Cleanest Ball Pit on the Planet.

Second: Spend 45-60 minutes in the Pit with other guests. It’s a blast. Don't worry about being alone with just your friends. Pay an ordinary ticket price then go next door to O.G. (Original Gravity Bar and Restaurant) for food and fun. Call Michelle Bocchino (she and her sister Holly are the owners) at 908 415-8961.


Third: If you’ve got 20 to 60 people and you want the place to yourself you can rent it for an hour anytime on Tuesdays or Wednesdays or at 9pm on Monday, Thursday or Sunday for $800.


It’s important to know that that’s with the balls down meaning no ball drop. Drop another $1000 on it if you’re rich and want a private drop. But. If you book ahead you can get the drop just by having everyone show up at 7pm without paying anything extra. Boom. That’s it. Call us at 480 968-7895 8-5pm Monday through Friday to set it up or to ask questions. If you would please read through the INFO section at before calling that would be great. 

Ask for Lizzy, Bill or Marrioth. Void does not speak.