Tickets must be purchased in advance online (click BUY TICKETS). A limited number of tickets can be purchased at the door. Call 480 968 7895 for more info.


Follow us on Instagram @lavatoryphx for pop up specials. If you have a group of ten or more, call us at 480.968.7895 for a group discount or private party and we’ll work with you.

Dark Monday. Hosted by Void Noir @vforvoid at the Lavatory. A night of darkness and dancing. Wear all black and bring your friends. Enter DARKMONDAY in the promo code box for a $5 discount off each ticket.

Where is the Lavatory? 

4700 N. 12th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85014.

The north-west corner of 12th street and Highland. Look for bags of balls and a urinal.

The north-west corner of 12th street and Highland. Look for bags of balls and a urinal.

What is the Pit?

The Pit is an underground ball pit inside the Lavatory.

It is open Sunday, Monday, Thursday, 7 pm – 9 pm. Fridays, 7 pm – 10 pm and Saturday, 6 pm - 10 pm. Tuesday, Wednesday are reserved for private parties. Ask for rates.

Is this going to be cool?

It’s a tricky question to answer because we are talking about ourselves. Anything good we say is likely self-serving. However, the Pit is one of the coolest things you will ever experience. It’s like nothing in the world.

When will the entire Lavatory be open?

We’ re working on it now. Hopefully March 1rst. Sign up on this site and we’ll let you know when the entire Lavatory will be open. One thing for sure, we will not open the other rooms unless they are as conceptual and crafted as the Pit.

Can I take pictures?

Yes. Pics are OK everywhere except the Black Room, which is not open anyway. When it is you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to get into the Black Room.

If I buy a ticket, then what?

You should arrive 5 minutes before your ticket time. Don’t forget socks. The address is 4700 North 12th Street, Phoenix. We are on the northwest corner of 12th Street and Highland. No need to print your ticket. Just show it to us on your phone.


Park in the back. Nobody does because they see the covered parking has “Reserved” signs. They are only reserved in the daytime. You will NOT get towed.


Bring ‘em. Two pair or one thick pair. My daughter and, unfortunately, lot of other people say the stairs hurt their feet. They’re made of steel bar grating so you can see through them. Sorry.


Don’t lose your phone in the Pit! Every night someone loses something. Car keys, jewelry, phones. We cannot return lost items until the next day.

Purses and Coats

Even though we keep it coldish in the Pit, staying upright can be strenuous and you’ll get warm fast so consider leaving coats and purses in your car.

 Food and Drink

We serve zero food or beverages. We are always trying to minimize bacteria in the Pit. But with us, in the same building, we have the Original Gravity Bar @ogphx, Esso Coffee @essocoffeehouse, and Love Acai Bowls @loveacaibowls. 


When we mess up, when the ticket platform steals your money, when the balls don’t drop (thank goodness this has not happened yet) tell us. Please give us a chance to make it right. Getting a refund is never a problem. Changing your ticket, even if you don’t show up, is not a problem. Call us from 8-5 M-F at (480) 968-7895. No answer? Still need to talk to someone? After you’ve checked our website for answers, as a last resort, text the owner Bill at (602) 725-7009. We will do pretty much whatever it takes to make sure you are treated right. We hate bureaucracy too.


Ball pits are dirty. Yes they are. Bacteria is the enemy and we claim to have the cleanest ball pit on the planet. Watch this video to find out why.

How long does it last?

One hour. In at (for instance) 7pm out by 8pm.

What’s with the photo booths?

There are two. One for individuals, the other for couples. We call them Claymation Booths. They have very good adjustable light. You are welcome to use the props and wardrobe to walk away with some nice selfies. The owner (Mr. Bill with the fish tie) may offer to take your picture. There is no cost but you sacrifice art direction.

Follow us on Instagram

The @Lavatoryphx Instagram account is run by the owner with Lizzy and Marrioth jumping in to follow up on DM’s each Friday we select two new followers from the previous week to receive a free ticket. So, follow  

Who’s behind The Lavatory?


Lots of people have helped put this together but there are four of us that run it every day. Left to right.

Bill Tonnesen @tonneseninc (I am writing these words.)

My wife and I own the building and our Design-Build company @TonnesenInc builds everything.

Lizzy Lubitsky @studiolubitsky

 She’s an artist from Philadelphia. She literally drove across the country to join us. She’s the one behind the curtain running the show every night. The only person I know that’s as charming as Lizzy is my daughter Cinta. We love her and hope she will turn down the artist residency she’s been offered this summer far from the desert.

Void Noir @vforvoid

One of our favorite people on the planet. Do they look strange to you?

To me them do. They are quiet. And funny and kind and when they are not there we miss them. And, surprise, Void hosts Dark Mondays. She… (whoops), they are an artist. Come to the Lavatory and verify that they are not a statue.

Marrioth Ling @marriothling

Who knew? Latina power big time. Marrioth comes from Venezuela. If she left, I’d have to kill myself. Can’t imagine running things without her. She’s been with me from the beginning. Like Lizzy she started out doing one thing now everything. Art, fashion, media, business. Smart. Super smart but her English still stinks.