What is the Lavatory?

The Lavatory is a theatrical venue that features the Pit and an immersive Museum It is located at 4700 N 12th Street, Phoenix.

There are two ticketed experiences available at the Lavatory. Cleansings and Museum+Pit. Cleansings include Healings and Museum entry. The Museum+Pit Tickets include Museum entry and the Pit but without the ritual down pour that we call the Cleansing.

 What is a Cleansing?   

The Cleansing is a symbolic, secular baptism. By secular we mean that the ceremony in non-religious. The Lavatory does not support or endorse any faith and charges that the Lavatory Fellowship is a cult are false. Baptisms are immersive. Water is represented by 100,000 translucent spheres that fall from the sky. Like all the ceremonies at the Lavatory the purpose of the Cleansing is to lift the burden of emotional pain from the Brethren. Before entering the Pit shoes must be removed, socks worn and hands sanitized. Curse words may not be spoken in the Pit. Brothers and Sisters please be punctual. Late arrivals will be invited to remain only at the pleasure of and with the endorsement of the Brethren.

Cleansings only occur at 7:00PM Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Thursday and Sunday Cleansing Tickets $30

Friday and Saturday Cleansing Tickets $40

All Cleansing Tickets include a Healing ceremony and entrance to the Museum.

What is a Healing?

Healing ceremonies involve Healing cloths and the laying on of hands. Healings are non-medical and non-surgical. Lavatory staff are neither doctors nor therapists. No medical information of any kind is offered or requested. Brothers and Sisters, a fair question is, “So what are you healing?” The answer is emotional pain. Guests without emotional pain are invited to observe. The friends that need our help can expect to experience a lightness of spirit as the good will of the Brethren is focused from the many to the one and the one to the many. We have welcomed many thousands of guests.

Our experience is that public pictures on Instagram often do not match up with the challenges in our private lives. It is our observation that emotional pain often lies behind the facade of a visual profile. Our power to alleviate this pain dawned on us suddenly with the faith healing of a single Sister. At first it was more joke than an actual Healing but something happened. The Sister was radiant and relieved and bore her testimony and we knew that the focused power of the Brethren in the Pit was a powerful and mysterious force of good. We now offer that experience to all that descend into the Pit for a Cleansing ceremony. If you have a broken leg or a brain tumor we cannot help but if you are troubled and in emotional pain I declare Brothers and Sisters that symbolism and suffering are not mutually exclusive and that we have stumbled onto something that seems to work. Skeptical? Me too. More than you. It is, at times, intense. Perhaps too much so for sensitive family members.

Museum + Pit   

Guests begin with a visit to the Museum then bathe in the Pit. Museum+Pit tickets do not include a the ritual downpour called the Cleansing, or a Healing ceremony. Museum+Pit tickets are timed and sold every 20 minutes from 7:20pm to 8:20pm Thursday and Sunday and Friday and Saturday 7:30pm to 9:30pm The Museum+Pit is a one hour experience about half of which is in the Pit.

Thursdays and Sundays Museum+Pit Tickets $20

Fridays and Saturdays Museum+Pit Tickets $25


The Museum

This is the patio entrance to the Museum with our own Lizzy. It’s on the east side of the building along 12th Street as opposed to the Pit entrance which is on the south side along Highland.


Who’s behind the Lavatory?

Lots of people have helped put this together, but there are four of us that run it every day. Left to right.


Bill Tonnesen @tonneseninc

We own the building and our company, Tonnesen Inc designed and built the Lavatory.

Brother Tonnesen serves as a Fellowship volunteer and is not associated with any religious organization.

Marrioth Ling @marriothling

Who knew? Latina power big time. Marrioth comes from Venezuela. She’s been with us from the beginning. She does everything. Art, photo, fashion, media, business. Smart. Super smart.

We hope to visit Sister Marrioth’s homeland someday.

Void Noir @vforvoid

They are quiet and funny and kind and we would not want to do this without them. This ethereal star from the world of Instagram materializes at the door every night.

Our infestation of cockroaches is Sister Void’s fault.

Lavatory Team.

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Call us from 8-5 M-F at (480) 968-7895. No answer? Night time? Weekend? Still need to talk to someone? After you’ve checked our website for answers, as a last resort, text your question to (602) 725-7009. We will do pretty much whatever it takes to make sure you are treated right. We hate bureaucracy