What is the Lavatory?

The Lavatory is a theatrical venue called the Pit and a Museum located at 4700 N 12th Street, Phoenix.

Two experiences are available at the Lavatory.

 Lavatory Cleansing   

 Observe a non-medical faith healing by the Brethren, and a secular communion. Experience a ritual Cleansing downpour then visit the Museum.


Thursday and Sundays $30

Fridays and Saturdays $40

Museum + Pit   

Start with a visit to the Museum then bathe in the Pit. Museum+Pit tickets do not include a cleansing downpour, healing, or Kool Aid. Museum+Pit tickets are timed and sold every 20 minutes from 7:20pm to 8:20pm Thursday and Sunday and Friday and Saturday 7:30pm to 9:30pm The Museum+Pit is a one hour experience about half of which is in the Pit.

Thursdays and Sundays $20

Fridays and Saturdays $25


People are getting confused when they look at ticket choices at the Lavatory. It’s because the not-so-wise Mr. Bill changed the name of the “Combination” ticket (which gets you into a Mega-Drop and the Museum to the “Cleansing” ticket it’s more or less the same experience. Why change it? Something to do with faith healing? Not sure but it has opened a can of worms on multiple fronts.

The biggest change is that there are Mega-Drops (which are now called “Cleansings”) on Thursday’s and Sundays instead of just Friday’s and Saturdays. Friday and Saturday Mega-Drops were always sold out. So if you couldn’t get in Thursday’s and Sunday’s are an alternative.


What happens in the Pit?

 Although healings may not be filmed nothing that occurs in the Pit is a secret. The Pit’s primary function is a ritual downpour called a Cleansing. 100,000 plastic spheres symbolizing secular baptismal water flows from above. It is a baptism that has no relationship to any religion. The Lavatory is not a church.

 Faith healings are not science based, and do not include a medical diagnosis or treatment. Healings are non-surgical. A member is selected for treatment at random.

Communion celebrations in the Pit are 100% secular. It is offered to 12 of the Brethren each of which is a volunteer. Investigators are not required to take communion. There is no blood or wine. The beverage is kool aid. It is purchased at Walmart and contains no additives or medications. It is offered symbolically in memory of the 909 Brethren that passed at the People’s Temple in Guyana, 1978.


The Museum

This is the patio entrance to the Museum with our own Lizzy. It’s on the east side of the building along 12th Street as opposed to the Pit entrance which is on the south side along Highland.


Who’s behind the Lavatory?

Lots of people have helped put this together, but there are four of us that run it every day. Left to right.


Bill Tonnesen @tonneseninc

We own the building and our company, Tonnesen Inc designed and built the Lavatory.

Marrioth Ling @marriothling

Who knew? Latina power big time. Marrioth comes from Venezuela. She’s been with us from the beginning. She does everything. Art, photo, fashion, media, business. Smart. Super smart.

Void Noir @vforvoid

They are quiet and funny and kind and we would not want to do this without them. This ethereal star from the world of Instagram materializes at the door every night.

Lizzy Lubitsky @studiolubitsky

Lizzy is an artist from Philadelphia. She literally drove across the country to join us. Her smile and charm are with us every night but her body is serving an art residency not in Arizona. Now she comes back to draw your picture and take standing ovations.

Lavatory Team.

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Call us from 8-5 M-F at (480) 968-7895. No answer? Night time? Weekend? Still need to talk to someone? After you’ve checked our website for answers, as a last resort, text your question to (602) 725-7009. We will do pretty much whatever it takes to make sure you are treated right. We hate bureaucracy