Exhibits opening April 19th.

Infinity Room

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Mona Lisa Gallery

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Rest Room

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Sugar Room

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Black Room



We’re lucky to have Miss Williams, an authentic psychic of Romanian gypsy heritage, upstairs in our building. I asked a group of 50 guest if they had done a psychic reading, or would be interested in one and half raised their hands. If you’re interested in tarot, chakra or other spiritual readings, you’ll have to go upstairs. However, for palm reading in the Museum, it takes just five minutes and costs $10 extra.You’ll need to have your hand stamped, it’s OK to pay at the door.

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Relationship Advice

Brandon Montero (@everlasting_jerkface) is a Certified Relationship Coach. We met when he came as a guest with his wife, fitness coach @yvette.cassandra. He definitely has a presence. When we auditioned him, his stand-in client Michelle got into it almost instantly and I had to remind her, “Enough already, this is just an audition”… Like the Palmistry booth, Relationship Advice requires an additional ticket, costs $10 and last 5 minutes.


White Room